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GrumpyDevil dot com Welcome to my new website. There's not much here now, but as I start to digitize, scan and post more material, you'll see things start to fill themselves out. This is really just an outlet for my own creative works. I'll be posting new stuff, old stuff, etc. on the website and I hope you enjoy seeing my stuff as much as I enjoyed creating it.

What can you expect from GRUMPYDEVIL.COM? Why, only the best (probably)...

The History of the grumpydevil:
When I was in college -specifically working in the video department, prepping kits for my fellow students- I occaisionally drew a rudimentary frowny face with fangs and devil horns to advertise my foul mood (that is, if I was in one). The more he was drawn, the more I became attached to the li'l basterd. In '95, I actually used MS Paint to draw the definitive devil.

That was the image that I used for my "corporate logo" (which is a Simpsons reference to an episode where Bart hands Homer a polo shirt with an embroidered image of himself and Homer gleefully exclaims, "My corporate logo!"). Sure, I never actually made it a big deal, but it's tattooed on my back and he's been an active part of my doodles and life for the past 15 years.

GrumpyDevil dot com GrumpyDevil dot com
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